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Series 1 Pro Enclosure

Postby 4Crawler » Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:32 pm

Maybe this is better suited for the Mods section, if the mods want to move it, feel free. Thanks!

I wanted to show some details on an enclosure I built for my Series 1 Pro printer. I had some scraps of 8mm double wall polycarbonate panel that I fit under the side trim pieces. For the top, I made a frame of 2x2 lumber and fit a sheet of the polycarbonate on top and on front to enclose those sides. As a finishing touch, I added some RGB - LED strip lights and a remote to control them so I can activate the lights and see what's going on with the printer.


or: ... 2lRemhhYjA

YouTube playlist link below: ... YHcbzAiKvj

I don't have any real dimensions for the enclosure, just cut pieces to fit. You could also use something like Lexan or Plexiglass and perhaps make up a full side panel to attach with the side trim mounting screws. But as is, I made zero modifications to the printer, aside from adding an extra washer under the side trim pieces to fit the 8mm panels. Everything is held on by friction, gravity or magnets.

Anyone know how to post Google Photos on the site here? I tried both the shareable link and copying the direct image URL into the IMG tags, but neither seems to display an image.

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