Project Zoopy aka "Does Size Matter?"

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Project Zoopy aka "Does Size Matter?"

Postby LaserGnomes » Tue May 27, 2014 5:09 pm

So like most people we bought the 2014 Series 1 for it's massive build volume.
And like most early adopters we had our problems with it.

Long story short one of our waiting clients offered that if we "have to cut it once we might as well cut it 10 times" referencing the failure to print it in 2 pieces vs using our Fakerbot farm to just pump out 5 hours chunks and then manually assemble later.

Personally speaking I'm gunning for the Z18 and this concept countered my need for it. Not wanting to stare good information in the face and then dismiss it... we took it to the next level.

So for your, our, and the communities pleasure we present the LIVE feed of our documentation of "Does Size Matter?"

Series 1


We will also be time lapsing the assembly and documenting any failures of parts, software, hardware, services etc. We're testing all kinds of beta in this study.
The FakerBots are basically untouched.
The 2014's are modified in various ways to help them achieve the 50+ hour prints they are expected to do.

Looking for any feedback as we continue the documentation and ready the media for release to the various blogs.

If anyone wants to repost the feeds.. please repost BOTH feeds as this is a study of technologies and should be celebrated as such!


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