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Postby JohnR » Mon Apr 07, 2014 3:39 pm

After about 6 different iterations, I finally have a working flying toy.

After making some wooden hand helicopters for my young cousins years ago, I decided that it would be nifty if you could change the pitch of the blades easily on a hand helicopter.

This is what I came up with. It works pretty well with a ripcord, but its pretty darn heavy, so it falls back to the ground pretty fast. I'll have to re-examine the design and see where I can cut out some of the weight. I added the teardrops at the end for added flywheel effect, it definitely helps it climb higher, but I've yet to optimize the best size for the maximum climb (as they are now, I think they actually make it too heavy).

This is what amazes me about 3d printing, I'd been thinking about building something this for years, but had no way to build it, without some very careful woodwork. But, after a few days with the printer (and parts breaking and getting hit in the face by flying parts) and it materializes. Pretty darn cool.

I put it up on thingiverse if anyone is interested in making one, definitely a work in progress.
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