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SlugFire 2.0

Postby LaserGnomes » Sat Dec 21, 2013 12:12 pm

We're not big on promoting our retail products on the Projects page.. but this one is worth sharing.

The SlugFire 2.0 is a very intriguing use of 3d printing technology.
We start with Nerf's SledgeFire blaster by Hasbro.
This recent release brought a few "new features" to the Nerf community.

The first.. is a break barrel style loading. This would simulate a shotgun style breech action.
The second is the use of 3 shot cannisters. These "Shells" hold 3 Elite darts and the blaster fires them all at once for a "shotgun" of 3 rounds coming out.
To accomplish this Nerf increased the capacity of the air chamber to accommodate pressure needed for the 3 round shells.

We reverse engineered the cannister design and converted the 3 shot function into a single, rear loading, selectable retention, modified canister.

Features our modification has added
- Can fire ALL streamline darts, not just Elite, this is a massive cost savings to those that already own hundreds of old streamlines and don't want to reinvest in new Elite darts.
- Can fire ALL normal darts. As ours is a single tube which can be either rear load or muzzle loaded it allows the use of suction/Tagger(velcro)/Whistler tip darts. These darts CANNOT be fired out of the SledgeFire normally.
- Orientation of the shell determines if it ejects (natural function) or is retained (unnatural function) for easy reloading of either the larger tipped darts (ejected for muzzle loading) or speed loading of any streamlines (retained for ease/speed of operation)
- It holds better in the provided stock than the normal canisters allowing for "combat movement" without losing them.
- It's made of PLA which if left on the battle field is not horrible for the environment like the ABS cannisters that come stock.
- Oh and we get 100' ranges instead of 30'

We're basically the Mopar group for Nerf.


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