Mac Pro Octopus Stand

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Mac Pro Octopus Stand

Postby Trilo » Wed May 04, 2016 1:13 pm

I had an idea for a project that blended form and function... a stand for my Mac Pro. I wanted to design something that lifted the circular computer up off the desktop to increase airflow (vents bringing air into the machine are near the base, and the fan blows warm air out through the top), but I wanted to do it in an artful manner.

After tossing a few ideas around and making a few sketches, I worked a design up in Cinema 4D.

Many, many hours later... it finally finished. After getting rid of the scaffolding/brim and cleaning it up a bit with a dremel tool, it doesn't look too bad.



Both the design, and the print are far from perfect - but I consider it a successful proof of concept. I've already made a number of tweaks to the design, and am planning a higher quality print in the future.

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