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Design Challange

Postby Elijah » Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:23 pm

Everybody loves our new 4-point bed leveling system. It's wonderful, it makes leveling a breeze, it is good for the planet, and using it will make you feel like a good person.*

But in shops, there is a tendency for them to get loose, causing a need for weekly adjustment.

The design challenge is to make little caps that fit the thumb nuts so that people can't as easily get to them and they cant as easily slide around.

I'd be really interested to see what you all do...

*Type A Machines doesn't guarantee that the use of thumb-nuts or any leveling system pertaining to 3D printing will make you feel better about yourself.
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Re: Design Challange

Postby LaserGnomes » Tue Jul 23, 2013 9:38 am

From professional experience... No.

The screws do back out.. I'm aware of this.
Do you know what I do to stop it?

It's called PrePrinting Check list.
And the first thing is

1. Check bed level.

Guess what... it's never level. The torsion from removing the previous print or the pressure from burnishing the tape... is enough to warp it +/- enough to matter. Hating this but knowing it's reality.. we just expect to need to level the bed before every print. Especially after retaping or removing the bed AT ALL.

Stopping the nuts from falling off... is good in theory.. but in practice it's pointless. If the bottom nuts fall off.. what happens? Is its still level? Probably. The top nuts should stop any further lowering.
All the lower nuts (IMO) seem to do is "steady up the bed" or at best bring the bed lower by clamping it down (0.05mm). In fact.. we've ran prints missing the bottom nuts entirely.

At no point does the bed get forced upwards where the lower nuts would be really utilizes as retainers.


p.s. we've used lock washers... those do not work. Would recommend the thumbscrews for the top and the Nylon stop nuts for the bottom.

p.s.s. this also correlates with the "magnet attached" beds we've seen around. The bed only needs to be level not locked down.

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Re: Design Challange

Postby turnrock » Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:15 am

I bought some thumb nuts online (thanks Espen for not replying to my emails). IDK if they're a different material, shape or im just lucky but they never ever back out on their own and don't have to gorilla grip them on.
Have you guys tested different hardware? I wish i could remember where i got these so you could try them.
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Re: Design Challange

Postby LaserGnomes » Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:25 pm

Are those plastic?

The ones TAM was using are a bit larger in diameter and solid metal.
Thinking maybe the metal vs plastic might be the culprit here.

If you find them.. post it.. we're willing to test them against the TAM ones.. but if they don't back out.. they already win.


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