PEI (Ultem) sheet on Series 1 as build surface

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PEI (Ultem) sheet on Series 1 as build surface

Postby nkloski » Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:07 pm

I bought one of these for around $22 on Amazon (then bought two more for all of my printers): is a 12" x 12" .8mm thick sheet of PEI/Ultem that comes with a 12x12 adhesive.

And it does REALLY well! I do not have a heated bed, and PETG, PLA, PLA++, PET+, all stick to the surface very well. It is very glue, no nothing, as long as your initial layer goes down well, the print sticks there...but when you go to remove the print, it pops off really easily. I ran several 6 hour prints with thin base layers that would be prone to curling up before and all was solid....yet removed easily.

All you need to do is clean the plate after each print with a little 90%+ isopropyl alcohol.

I like, so far! And it's a bit better than BuildTak, because your nozzle can't burn/etch a hole/line into the PEI sheet, since it is highly resistant to heat.

Make sure when you install the adhesive to peel back the paper backing from both sides at an extreme angle to have it release fully, and when applying the adhesive to the build plate, go slowly and make sure there are no bubbles....though you can also use alligator clips to test it out, I found that caused the sheet to warp a bit....but was OK for a short sample print before jumping in on the adhesive.

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