Filament dry box.

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Filament dry box.

Postby 4Crawler » Wed Sep 21, 2016 11:29 am

I made a dry storage and feed box for my filament that sits beside the printer. This way I can keep unused filament clean and dry and easy to change over to a different type. This is an 80qt. Sterilite air tight box with a steel rod to support 4 spools (could fit 5 regular spools). Feed through flanges pass the filament outside to a shared filament guide tube that feeds into the back of the printer enclosure. Inside the enclosure frame is a filament filter. On the box lid are some open cell foam blocks that create some drag on the spools to prevent over rotation and unspooling of the filament:

or link if the image won't load for you: ... XFhTVR6V00

I have a YouTube playlist with the step by step videos and all the various components called out in the video description: ... YHcbzAiKvj

So far it's working very well, no jams and the relative humidity inside the box stays around 20% day and night.

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