Ikea Mirror Tiles as Printing Beds

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Ikea Mirror Tiles as Printing Beds

Postby Liquid » Wed Apr 03, 2013 5:51 pm

Just a heads up. IKEA has mirror tiles that look like they would be perfect for a printing bed.

Ive been told they have different sizes, and are around $5. Have rounded edges, and have 200mm squared and beyond at the actual physical stores.

http://www.ikea.com/us/en/search/?query ... ting=price

I havent picked one up yet, but I was told by someone who uses them in their videos that they get them from IKEA. Also if its a standard mirror, they should be easily drillable with a spade bit/glass bit. So instead of placing them on top of the existing acrylic printing bed, it should be possible to drill the 4 needed holes and replace it altogether. Or you could just place them on top of the existing bed lol

It would also not be too far fetched to think that 4 studs could be jb-welded to the bottom of the mirror instead of drilling it.

Here is a snippet of advice from another internet user in regards to drilling glass/mirrors.

You can purchase glass drillbits at larger hardware stores. I make a ring out of putty around the area I will be drilling in. Pour in a small amount of isopropl alcohol for cooling the bit. Drill with light pressure. I have also added a small amount of salt in the alcohol for more abrasion.

Im going to run to IKEA later and see what they have in stock. Figures they would carry something like this.

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Re: Ikea Mirror Tiles as Printing Beds

Postby LaserGnomes » Thu Apr 04, 2013 12:41 pm


We'd advise against using actual glass vs strengthened glass in times of improper settings, bad gco, control software crash.

You could incorrectly set z-height and the nozzle pushes into glass.. crack.
You may need to apply some force to remove objects... crack.
Your print fails mid job and for reasons yet to be determined the bed homes with material on it... crack.

You get the idea. The concept here is that the bed needs to be more durable than the torque provided by the z-axis motor otherwise the glass is going to give fatally.

We're actually waiting on a quote from a local glass shop to have custom tempered pieces made to size with the keyholes pre-made. Probably going to be more than $5 though.. hahahaha.

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