Alternative to new filament feeder system

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Alternative to new filament feeder system

Postby NoNaym » Thu Nov 13, 2014 5:58 pm

While checking out Thingiverse today I came across the "Universal stand-alone filament spool holder (Fully 3D-printable)" by CreativeTools:

While looking over the design, I thought to myself "I really like how adaptable this design is, but I wish I could mount it to my Series 1..."

Well, I jumped right in and remixed the one part that would be necessary to modify to make this amazing system mountable/usable on our beloved 2014 Series 1s. Since my printer is in the middle of an all day print job, I have not had a chance to try printing/mounting this part, let alone print out the rest of the parts for the full system, but I thought I would share it here in case there is anyone who feels like giving it a try before I get the time to try it myself.

All of the parts from CreativeTools' original "Universal stand-alone filament spool holder (Fully 3D-printable)" should be fine as-is, except for the Tripod Base. Here is a link to my remixed Tripod Base which has been modified for mounting on the 2014 Series 1:

Like the new filament feeder system from TAM, this part should mount to either (or both!) top corners of the machine using a M3X12 screw, and I would assume that you could still use the filament guide from TAM's new filament feeder system with CreativeTools' design.

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