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Cura Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:56 pm
by Elijah
Here are all of the key commands that you can use in Cura Type A. These commands work in all versions of Cura Type A. Enjoy!

This is very much a work in progress. Some of these commands do not work / work differently when in "layers" view.

Load Model⌘LCtrl+L
Save Model⌘SCtrl+S
Remove ModelDeleteBackspace
Save Gcode⌘GCtrl+G
Print Screen⌘PCtrl+P
Zoom Out- or Shift+Down Arrow- or Shift+Down Arrow
Zoom In= or Shift+Up Arrow= or Shift+Up Arrow
Pan Down - Pitch -15Up ArrowUp Arrow
Pan Up - Pitch +15Down ArrowDown Arrow
Turn Clockwise - Yaw -15Left ArrowLeft Arrow
Turn Counterclockwise - Yaw +15Right ArrowRight Arrow
Top Down View (Yaw 0, Pitch 0)Fn+Shift+Up ArrowPage Up
Front View (Yaw 0, Pitch 90)Fn+Shift+Down ArrowPage Down
Angled View (Yaw 30, Pitch 90)Fn+Shift+Left ArrowHome
Left Side View (Yaw 90, Pitch 90)Fn+Shift+Right ArrowEnd
Open Expert Config Window⌘ECtrl+E
Freestyle PanControl+Click and Hold, then DragRight Click and Hold, then Drag