Cura Keyboard Shortcuts

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Cura Keyboard Shortcuts

Postby Elijah » Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:56 pm

Here are all of the key commands that you can use in Cura Type A. These commands work in all versions of Cura Type A. Enjoy!

This is very much a work in progress. Some of these commands do not work / work differently when in "layers" view.

Load Model⌘LCtrl+L
Save Model⌘SCtrl+S
Remove ModelDeleteBackspace
Save Gcode⌘GCtrl+G
Print Screen⌘PCtrl+P
Zoom Out- or Shift+Down Arrow- or Shift+Down Arrow
Zoom In= or Shift+Up Arrow= or Shift+Up Arrow
Pan Down - Pitch -15Up ArrowUp Arrow
Pan Up - Pitch +15Down ArrowDown Arrow
Turn Clockwise - Yaw -15Left ArrowLeft Arrow
Turn Counterclockwise - Yaw +15Right ArrowRight Arrow
Top Down View (Yaw 0, Pitch 0)Fn+Shift+Up ArrowPage Up
Front View (Yaw 0, Pitch 90)Fn+Shift+Down ArrowPage Down
Angled View (Yaw 30, Pitch 90)Fn+Shift+Left ArrowHome
Left Side View (Yaw 90, Pitch 90)Fn+Shift+Right ArrowEnd
Open Expert Config Window⌘ECtrl+E
Freestyle PanControl+Click and Hold, then DragRight Click and Hold, then Drag
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