Introducing the Cura Forum

Discuss Cura Type A, our fork of the Cura slicing software, here. Unstable releases may be made available in this section.

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Introducing the Cura Forum

Postby Elijah » Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:14 pm

This is a new forum for topics having to do with Cura for Type A, our fork of the slicing software that is ubiquitous across dozens, if not hundreds of 3D Printer designs.

Our Version of Cura is Special.
It contains dozens of additional features, specifically calibrated and designed for the Series 1 and Series 1 Pro. Some of these features are unique to our version of Cura. For instance, Cura has profiles that work specifically with Type A printers that allow for over 40 materials and counting to be printed with minimal or no additional configuration.

How to Use This Forum
Use it the same way the forum has been used for years. Discuss settings, tips, tricks, and troubleshooting. Please note that Type A Machines doesn't respond as quickly to requests for help on this forum as it does over our support channel. If you need assistance with your Series 1, please contact our support team at

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