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A space for working on issues specific to Series 1. Includes Beta groups and production machines.

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Forum opened

Postby Miloh » Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:08 pm

Hi Folks, I changed the name of this subforum and opened it up to the public, so we are now live with all this knowledge that was locked up previously!

On forums, our knowledgebase, and email support.

There there 3 places to look for assistance with the 2014 Series 1: The forum here, our knowledgebase, and through email to

First, the user forums are a good place to search for quick answers to style questions about modelling and slicing content, and it's a great place to dialogue about the whole world of additive manufacturing with your Series 1 machines. Feel free to use this space to ask big questions about what we're all doing with our machines, to introduce yourself and what you're working on, or link to what's exciting and new in the additive manufacturing world.

Of course, you can also use the forum as a home base to collaborate, and develop ideas for prints, machine extensions, or more. Operating recommendations and tips and tricks are welcome here, but remember we have formal channels for you to use that help us to track and respond efficiently to customer issues. The formal support channels follow:

The Type A Machines knowledge base is a set of support content that we will edit and continuously improve to provide you with all kinds of setup and operational knowledge. This knowledgebase is available at . It's the first line to go to for support in operating and maintaining your Series 1 machine. We plan to port any content from the forums that helps users operate their machines and solve support issues into the knowledgebase, and we will link to it here if people raise questions that can be answered by the knowledgebase.

For anything that isn't covered or clear in the knowledge base, please email your inquiries to where we track and ticket support requests as they come in. As we scale up production we're scaling up supprt and want to get the word out about what to expect from these forums, the Type A Machines knowledgebase, and email support.


R. Miloh Alexander

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