Winchester G2

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Winchester G2

Postby AndrewRutter » Wed Jan 22, 2014 4:09 pm

So we have been working on an updated version of the Winchester from the beginning.

We had some key requirements:

Easy to replace hotend (not something that you need spanners for, or that requires an almost complete strip-down of the head).

Replacable components need to be cheap.

The fewest parts should ever need replacing.

More compact NEMA14 size motors.

Better ergonomics for the lever.

No plastics, no PTFE, no PEEK.

After many many many versions we now have a beta of our new head that we will be putting out to Beta users of the next few weeks. Elijah will be in contact with you as they become available to get them shipped out.

Spurred on by Calebs work, I revisited the pinchwheel design. We will also be sending out test versions of these.
(For anyone wondering, they are W1 tool steel, currently unhardened. Which makes it B96 hardness VS PLA's ~H90, but it can still be hardened to >C60. B96 is much much harder than H90, and much harder than the B76 of the earlier 303 stainless steel parts. They are also hobbed to a sharp tooth-form which has much much better traction than the knurled design).
Pic of the new Winchester attached (Mk8 pinchwheel copy, not a new pinchwheel).
Winchester G2 thumbnail.jpg
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