Upgrades Shipping this week!

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Upgrades Shipping this week!

Postby Elijah » Wed Jan 15, 2014 12:08 pm

Stiffer platform arms are coming to a BETA20 Machine near you, or not near if you're using a webcam. Documentation on how to upgrade will happen soon too.

We will be shipping them to the same addresses that you put down when you bought your machine. If you need it to go to a different address, than PM me before friday morning.

The new piece (pictured below) is considered a critical upgrade, and it will really positively impact the rigidity and quality of your machine. I will be FedEx Expressing them on Friday.

If by the end of the next week, you don't get your parts, harass me by emailing support@typeamachines.com

Beta 40 customers: This part will come standard on your machine - you don't need to take any additional action.
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