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Series one s/n 10nn suddenly stopping during print

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:18 pm
by jstein
Greetings community,

After the winter break I finally powered back on my Series 1. Something went horribly wrong when it was powered off I guess - the printer routinely stops printing with the following error on the terminal:

Code: Select all

Recv: Error:Print interrupted by stop button. To re-enable printing, push the front panel button back in, in the Connection section click on Connect then wait for the printer to reconnect. You will need to restart your print.
Changing monitoring state from 'Printing' to 'Error: Print interrupted by...'

I cycled that front button multiple times and even disconnected it from the circuit board - still the error occurs.

Any thoughts? It's really a bummer as I have no idea where to turn next.