Selling like new Series 1 Pro with lots of extras

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Selling like new Series 1 Pro with lots of extras

Postby Djimo » Wed Jun 01, 2016 6:02 pm

Despite the large cubic foot print volume of the Series Pro, I had to upgrade to an even more expensive and larger 3d printer. The Series Pro is arguably the best printer in its class; very reliable and solid build and comes with a bunch of goodies such as camera and wireless connectivity. The little use I had with it was enough to impress me. I'm selling the printer in its original packaging, still with warranty, and around $300 of extra replacement parts.

This printer is in high demand and being sold for $4,100 before shipping costs. The advertised lead time is 8+ weeks but a bit of research will reveal that they often take longer than 3 months to ship.

Many parts were upgraded to TAM's latest updated parts and all the used parts will come as back-ups. The printer is like-new.

-Latest up-to-date Series 1 Pro printer
-Replacement cables
-Replacement g-entry and e-tray PCB boards
-New unused head with original nozzle (Nozzle in the printer was machined to 1.1mm for fast prints)
-Replacement X-rails
-$100 of white abs spools

Currently for auction on Ebay: ... SwmtJXT4CE
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