Fusion 360 Print Studio Support?

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Fusion 360 Print Studio Support?

Postby BillDempsey » Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:41 am

Are there plans for Type A Machines to create the definition/link that Autodesk Fusion 360 uses to print directly to the printer? This would be really handy for quick prints of test parts.

I saw this information in the Autodesk Forums:
How can I get my 3D Printer supported in Fusion? First sign up at the developer portal. In that same location you will find information that tells you how to add your printers to Spark as manufacturers. The code to add to Spark is open source and is at https://github.com/spark3dp/print-manager. Once completed, you should not be able to get Print Studio using your printer. If you want us to release this then submit a pull request. Lastly, be sure to test your printer.

Perhaps one of your engineers could look into creating that link up? They make it sound fairly easy. (Don't they always?)

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Re: Fusion 360 Print Studio Support?

Postby Elijah » Fri Apr 15, 2016 3:07 pm

I've forwarded this to the dev team. Very interesting idea. We did some work with Meshmixer at one point, so there's nothing that would preclude us working with this some day.
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