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Re: 3 months 11 days and no printer yet

Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:40 am
by 4Crawler
Elijah wrote:4Crawler,

Very sorry that you haven't heard from anybody. You can always hear from us if you contact us directly!

Get in touch with, and we will give you any information that you need regarding your machine's position in the queue.

I have (at least have a support ticket #13214 and was contacting and recently have received no answer to my last e-mail in several days. Last I heard the dealer was to have been shipped their order on 3/21 and now the dealer is saying they don't know when they are getting their next shipment. And they way they are talking, they've not heard from TAM since February. All they tell me is that TAM is an unreliable supplier and that I should consider cancelling my order and going with a different mfg's model.

Also, the dealer says they can only post the estimated delivery time provided by TAM. Since it is obvious that 1-2 months is an unrealistic estimate, is there anyway TAM can provide a more realistic time frame to the dealers? I think this would go a long way to setting proper expectations with customers. If you say 1-2 months then deliver in 3.5 months, customer=upset. If you say 3-4 months and deliver in 3.5 months, customer=happy. In my way of thinking, having a happy customer when they receive your product is a lot better than having one that has been fuming for a few months past the promised delivery time!

It just seems like there is a MAJOR disconnect between TAM and their dealers. I seem to be able to find out more information than an authorized dealer is able to.

Re: 3 months 11 days and no printer yet

Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2016 6:17 pm
by 4Crawler
Looking like I may get mine in 3 months + 3 weeks, middle of next week. I still feel that realistic delivery times ought to be posted on the web site or at least to the dealers. I do this with my business, advising customers of the typical order processing time plus a realistic estimate of a worst case backlog time and I keep this updated as the situation changes.