2013 Series 1 Printer for sale in SF bay area, CA

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2013 Series 1 Printer for sale in SF bay area, CA

Postby wmw » Tue Jul 21, 2015 2:06 am

2013 Series 1 printer, serial # 0000032 purchased in January 2013, personally delivered and setup by Espen and Elijah of TAM.

Been used on and off for two years, was last run in january this year. It has always worked well with minimal issues but I just dont use it anymore.

I have replaced the X-Y bearings (original ones were noisy) and power supply unit when it was still under warranty. Have multiple platform beds for it, 2 of the acrylic ones, and one aluminum and glass type A upgrade kit ones that came with the bed leveling upgrade package I bought for it last year. Also has the type A "top hat" overhead spool upgrade kit. I will also include a new 3-pack of buildtak sheets and several 1.75mm new and used filament spools:

1.) TAM brand PLA - 1 nearly full orange, 1 nearly full grey, 1 nearly full white
2.) TAM brand PET - 1 full white, 1 nearly full black
3.) Taulman 3D tglass - 2 full clear
4.) Form futuraFLEX EcoPLA - 1 full black

Original hot end works great, prints consistently at 100 micron...although I haven't used it since January. Never had any major issues with it aside from the original PSU going bad (since replaced) and more recently some printer to computer connectivity issues that seemed to be resolved by replacing the original USB cable.

If seriously interested please make me a SERIOUS OFFER but please don't waste my time with ridiculous lowball offers. Not interested in any trades. CASH or PayPal only. Shipping should be about 50 bucks within the US, international will vary. I don't hangout on this forum much anymore so if interested, please email me at warren.m.white@gmail.com. Thanks.

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